Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 34

Number 489
December 1960
Ownership of Iowa's farmland

Number 490
January 1961
Identification and measurement of inefficiencies in leasing systems (An application of linear programming)

Number 491
March 1961
Comparison of resource returns of well-organized Iowa farms with selected nonfarm opportunities

Number 492
April 1961
Iowa livestock producers' choice of markets

Number 493
April 1961
Methodology of programming small watershed development

Number 494
July 1961
North central regional potassium studies I. Field studies with alfalfa

Number 495
September 1961
Organoleptic, chemical, physical and microscopic characteristics of muscles in eight beef carcasses, differing in age of animal, carcass grade and extent of cooking

Number 496
October 1961
Specialization and pork production methods in relation to over-all farm resource use and integration

Number 497
October 1961
Maternal employment, family relations and selected personality, school-related and social-development characteristics of children

Number 498
October 1961
Soil erosion control in western Iowa: progress and problems

Number 499
October 1961
Response of corn yields in a Planosol soil to surface drainage, cropping system and variable fertilizer treatments

Number 500
January 1962
Description and measurement of rates of early mortality in the pig

Number 501
January 1962
Appraisal of the federal feed-grains programs

Number 502
February 1962
Production, income and resource changes from farm consolidation

Number 503
April 1962
North central regional potassium studies III. Field studies with corn

Number 504
May 1962
Farm size and cost relationships in relation to recent machine technology

Number 505
May 1962
Poultry supply functions (The relation of technical change to output of eggs, broilers and turkeys)

Number 506
June 1962
Derivation of hydrographs for small watersheds from measurable physical characteristics

Number 507
June 1962
Short-run corn supply and fertilizer demand functions based on production functions derived from experimental data; a static analysis

Number 508
September 1962
Occupational plans of Iowa farm boys

Number 509
October 1962
Factors related to employment of wives in a rural Iowa county

Number 510
November 1962
Factors related to interreligious marriages in Iowa, 1953-57

Number 511
November 1962
Interregional competition and prospective shifts in the location of livestock slaughter

Number 512
December 1962
Survival rates among religiously homogamous and interreligious marriages

Number 513
February 1963
Effects of light and soil moisture on forest tree seedling establishment

Number 514
February 1963
Analysis of direct-payment methods for hogs to increase hog producers' incomes

Number 515
April 1963
Distributed lag inventory analyses

Number 516
July 1963
Migration and adjustment of farm and nonfarm families and adolescents in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Number 517
July 1963
Beef-cattle production functions in forage utilization

Number 518
July 1963
Production functions and methods of specifying optimum fertilizer use under various uncertainty conditions for hay

Number 519
July 1963
Profit-maximizing plans for soil-conserving farming in the spring valley creek watershed in Southwest Iowa

Number 520
December 1963
Estimation of soil moisture under corn

Number 521
January 1964
Regional changes in grain changes production: An application of spatial linear programming