Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)


This report covers principally the market choices of Iowa livestock producers during 1954. The findings are based on a sample survey of about 400 Iowa farmers who were interviewed at 3-month intervals. These findings show the market outlets and market sources of the major classes of livestock - cattle, calves, hogs and pigs - sold and bought by Iowa producers. The characteristics of both the livestock producers and their livestock sales and purchases are presented with reference to the reported patterns of market selection.

In 1954, every livestock producer in Iowa had available at least one major market outlet within a 20-mile radius of his farm. Geographical differences occurred, however, in the concentration of livestock production, which affected the spatial distribution of market outlets and market sources for Iowa producers. In 1954, livestock sales per acre of farmland, for example, ranged from $10 to $67 among the 99 counties in Iowa. Generally, the eastern and western parts of the state had the most specialization in livestock production.



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