Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)


The present studies were designed to aid in the solution of forest tree seedling establishment problems common to stand conversion practices in Iowa. The primary objectives were: (1) to determine the minimum treatment needed to insure successful survival and growth; (2) to study the relationships of light and soil moisture in plant competition resulting from stand conversion; and (3) to evaluate five species of conifers - European larch, Scotch pine, eastern white pine, Norway spruce and red pine - for adaptability to region, site and underplanting.

Field studies were made at the Brayton Forest in northeastern Iowa and consisted of ( 1 ) practical understory treatments to increase survival and growth of five underplanted conifers and (2) controlled experiments to evaluate overstory and understory competition in such plantings. Studies at the State Forest Nursery near Ames were planned to determine the relative growth and photosynthetic characteristics of three of the underplanted conifers (European larch, eastern white pine and Norway spruce) and two shrubby hardwood species ( dogwood and hazel) which offer serious understory competition in the forest.



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