Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 35

Number 522
February 1964
Role of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium fertilizers in continuous corn culture on Nicollet and Webster soils

Number 523
February 1964
Solving tile drainage problems by using model data

Number 524
February 1964
Soybean yields and plant composition as affected by phosphorus and potassium fertilizers

Number 525
April 1964
The conservation reserve in south-central Iowa

Number 526
May 1964
Application of distributed lag and autocorrelated error models to short-run demand analysis

Number 527
May 1964
Cost functions in relation to farm size and machinery technology in southern Iowa

Number 528
June 1964
Family decision-making and role patterns among Iowa farm and nonfarm families

Number 529
July 1964
Milk production functions in relation to feed inputs, cow characteristics and environmental conditions

Number 530
December 1964
Regional intersectoral relations and demand projections with emphasis on the feed-livestock economy of the north central states

Number 531
January 1965
Effect of feed-grain output controls on resource uses and values in northern and southern Iowa

Number 532
January 1965
The influence of nitrogen and phosphorus ferilization on nutrient status and profitability of Bromegrass on Ida soils

Number 533
February 1965
Experiments with autoregressive error estimation

Number 534
March 1965
Farm migrants to the city: A comparison of the status, achievement, community and family relations of farm migrants with urban migrants and urban natives in Des Moines, Iowa

Number 535
April 1965
Relationship of tree survival and yield to coal-spoil characteristics

Number 536
May 1965
Effects of migration on the open-country population of Iowa, 1950-61

Number 537
June 1965
Normative supply functions and optimum farm plans for northeastern Iowa

Number 538
July 1965
A programming analysis of interregional competition and surplus capacity of American agriculture

Number 539
August 1965
Projections of U. S. agricultural capacity and interregional adjustments in production and land use with spatial programming models

Number 540
September 1965
Yield response of corn in a Planosol soil to subsurface drainage with variable tile spacings

Number 541
October 1965
Evaluation of alternative market organizations in a simulated livestock-meat economy

Number 542
November 1965
An exploratory econometric study of dairy bargaining cooperatives

Number 543
March 1966
Fertilizer production functions from experimental data with associated supply and demand relationships

Number 544
May 1966
Comparisons of laboratory and greenhouse indexes of nutrient availability in soils

Number 545
July 1966
Aggregate investment demand for farm buildings: A national, regional and state time-series analysis

Number 546
August 1966
Characteristics of operator entry into Iowa farming, 1959-60

Number 547
October 1966
Coordinated egg production and marketing in the north central states V. Least-cost egg marketing organization under alternative production patterns

Number 548
September 1966
Simulation of regional product and income with emphasis on Iowa, 1954-1974

Number 549
November 1966
Postglacial environments in relation to landscape and soils on the Cary drift, Iowa

Number 550
January 1967
Analysis of ranking of dairy bargaining cooperative objectives

Number 551
April 1967
Hyperactivity, blood lactic acid and mortality in channel catfish

Number 552
June 1967
Selection in Zea mays L. by inbred line appearance and testcross performance in low and high plant densities

Number 553
July 1967
Dissemination of farm market news and its importance in decision-making

Number 554
August 1967
Fertilizer production functions in relation to weather, location, soil and crop variables

Number 555
September 1967
Acreage response and produdion supply functions for soybeans