Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)


This study was undertaken to determine the profitability and the feasibility of fertilizing bromegrass for grazing in the Monona-Ida-Hamburg soil association area. This area is well adapted to growing forage crops. Because of the high content of calcium and potassium, alfalfa grows well if phosphorus is applied. Bromegrass is able in some way to get nitrogen from alfalfa, and the two crops grow well together. The bloat danger in pasturing alfalfa or bromegrass-alfalfa mixtures, however, is well known to cattlemen in the area. Many believe the cost of nitrogen fertilizer to maintain productivity of bromegrass pastures is less than the cost of losses from bloat on bromegrass-alfalfa pastures.

The profitability of fertilizing bromegrass stands is examined in Part I of the study. The feasibility is examined in Part II. In Part I, returns at three levels of nitrogen cost and beef price and at three conversion ratios of forage to beef are calculated on the basis of experimental yields.



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