Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station Research Bulletin

Volume 36

Number 556
November 1967
Interrelationships of plant population, soil moisture and soil fertility in determining corn yields on Colo clay loam at Ames, Iowa

Number 557
November 1967
Firm growth processes and structural changes in the grain industries of the north central region

Number 558
January 1968
Evaluation of a firm model in estimating aggregate supply response

Number 559
December 1967
Some factors influencing populations of the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis (Hubner) in the north central states: Resistance of corn, time of planting and weather conditions Part II, 1958-1962

Number 560
March 1968
Efficient organization of the farm industry in the north central region of the United States in 1959 and 1980

Number 561
May 1968
Rural value-orientations and farm-policy positions and actions

Number 562
July 1968
Cost economies in cattle feeding and combinations for maximization of profit and stability

Number 563
July 1968
Estimation and imputation of crop yield advances by states and regions

Number 564
July 1968
Econometric analysis of the cattle cycle in the United States

Number 565
September 1968
Advance of irrigation water on the soil surface in relation to soil infiltration rate: A mathematical and laboratory model study

Number 566
February 1969
Factors affecting farmland values in the United States

Number 567
March 1969
Allocation of milk among products to maximize gross income of the nation's dairy farmers under 1964 demand functions

Number 568
June 1969
Projected state and regional resource requirements for agriculture in the United States in 1980

Number 569
June 1969
Potential agricultural production and resource use in Iowa

Number 570
September 1969
Plant availability of added phosphorus in different Iowa soils

Number 571
March 1970
Location and efficiency of the Iowa feed-manufacturing industry

Number 572
August 1971
Response in yield and leaf composition of soybean varieties to phosphorus, potassium, and calcium carbonate materials

Number 573
October 1971
Factor analysis of the market structure of the fluid-milk bottling industry in the north central region

Number 574
May 1972
Analysis of crop-rotation experiments, with application to the Iowa Carrington-Clyde rotation-fertility experiments

Number 575
May 1973
Projecting Iowa's outdoor-recreation needs to 1980

Number 576
May 1973
Iowa’s grain-elevator industry: Factors affecting its organization and structural adjustment

Number 577
July 1973
Econometric and programming analysis of the beef-pork marketing sector

Number 578
October 1973
Analysis of aggregation error in supply functions based on farm-programming models

Number 579
May 1974
Available-sulfur status of some representative Iowa soils

Number 580
September 1975
Missouri River history, floodplain construction, and soil formation in southwestern Iowa

Number 581
December 1975
Growing-degree units for corn in the north central region

Number 582
June 1976
Analysis of employment conditions for full-time hired farm labor on eastern Iowa hog farms

Number 583
June 1977
Range and forage research needs for red meat production in the north central region

Number 584
February 1978
Research on product characteristics: models, applications, and measures

Number 585
September 1978
Selection procedures in the development of maize inbred lines and the effects of plant densities on the relationships between inbred traits and hybrid yields

Number 586
May 1979
Chemical composition of sewage sludges in Iowa

Number 587
May 1980
Estimation and analysis of beef gain roughage-concentrate production functions

Number 588
June 1980
Feed grain imports and feed grain prices in importing countries

Number 589
December 1980
Egg production functions

Number 590
March 1981
Evaluation of isoquant forms in beef production

Number 591
May 1981
A liability management model for banks of the farm credit system

Number 592
June 1981
Investment, production, and marketing strategies for an Iowa cattle feeder in a risky environment

Number 593
July 1981
Comparison of meadow-kill treatments on a corn-oats-meadow-meadow rotation in northwestern Iowa

Number 594
November 1981
Nutrient concentrations and accumulations in precipitation over the north central region

Number 595
April 1982
Inheritance of coat coloration and spotting patterns of cattle: A review

Number 596
September 1982
Correlated responses to recurrent selection for grain yield in maize

Number 597
May 1983
Cooperative activities in marketing fluid milk in the Chicago federal order market

Number 598
July 1988
The farmer-owned reserve after eight years: A summary of research findings and implications

Number 599
June 1991
Aflatoxin in corn new perspectives

Number 600
December 1992
Dietary modifications designed to affect lipid metabolism