Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station Research Bulletin


An experiment was conducted at the Moody Research Center (formerly Moody Experimental Farm) in northwestern Iowa to examine the effects of meadow-kill on crop yields and on soil moisture in the spring. The experiment utilized a corn-oats-meadow-meadow rotation with meadow-kill treatments applied to the second-year meadow at various times of the growing season. Twenty years (1958-1977) of data were used for the analyses presented in this bulletin.

Three treatments were used in the experiment. In the first, the control treatment, the second-year meadow was harvested two or three times. The plots were plowed the following spring before corn was planted. The second treatment was a "short fallow” treatment, in which second-year meadow was killed with herbicides in the early fall after the second cutting of hay. The third treatment was a longer fallow treatment, with meadow killed in midsummer after the first hay cutting. Plots receiving the second and third treatments also were spring plowed.



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