Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 4

Number 44
January 1918
Effects of certain alkali salts on ammonification

Number 45
February 1918
Soil inoculation in azotobacter

Number 46
February 1918
Composition and digestibility of sudan grass hay

Number 47
March 1918
Studies on the clarification of milk—II

Number 48
August 1918
Milk as the sold diet of ruminants

Number 49
February 1919
Studies on the crown rust of oats

Number 50
March 1919
The effect of crown gall upon a young apple orchard

Number 51
August 1919
Appetite as a guide in feeding dairy calves

Number 52
August 1919
Studies on abnormal evaporated milk

Number 53
October 1919
Studies on color in swine

Number 54
September 1919
Studies on formation of gas in sweetened condensed milk

Number 55
September 1919
The volatile acid production of starters and organisms isolated from them

Number 56
December 1919
Effect of seasonal conditions and soil treatment on bacteria and molds in soil

Number 57
January 1920
Relation of the barberry to stem rust in Iowa

Number 58
August 1920
Nitrification in acid soils

Number 59
August 1920
The fungicidal action of formaldehyde

Number 60
September 1920
Influence of condition on maintenance requirements of dairy cattle