Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 5

Number 0
January 1923
Volume 5, Contents and Index

Number 61
September 1920
A study of lactose-fermenting yeasts present in "yeasty" cream

Number 62
October 1920
Comparative resistance of varieties of oats to crown and stem rusts

Number 63
October 1920
Volatile acid production of S. lacticus and the organisms associated with it in starters

Number 64
November 1920
A study of brown glass milk bottles

Number 65
November 1920
The type of lactic acid produced by starters and by the organisms isolated from them

Number 66
July 1921
The relation between the volatile and total acidity in starters and in cultures of S. Lacticus

Number 67
July 1921
Sources of the flavor in butter

Number 68
July 1921
Burnt or caramel flavor of dairy products

Number 69
July 1921
A study of the control of crown gall on apple grafts in the nursery

Number 70
July 1921
The acid-base balance in animal nutrition, I and II

Number 71
July 1921
The acid-base balance in animal nutrition, III

Number 72
January 1922
Alternate hosts and biologic specialization of crown rust in Ameirica

Number 73
August 1922
Influence of age at the time of freshening on production of diary cows

Number 74
January 1923
Studies on ropiness in cultures of Streptococcus Lactis

Number 75
March 1923
The color of soils in relation to organic matter content

Number 76
January 1923
Relationships between hydrogen ion, hydroxyl ion and salt concentrations and the growth of seven soil molds

Number 77
July 1923
Dry rot of corn

Number 78
June 1923
Bionomics and control of the potato leafhopper

Number 79
July 1923
Raising orphan pigs, I.