Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 6

Number 0
April 2017
Volume 6, Contents and Index

Number 80
July 1923
The volatile acids produced by starters and by organisms isolated from them

Number 81
July 1923
Studies on Streptococcus Paracitrovorus group

Number 82
February 1925
Transmissibility and pathological effects of the Mosaic Disease

Number 83
May 1925
Raising orphan pigs, II.

Number 84
May 1925
Basisporium dry rot of corn

Number 85
May 1925
Part I—Influence on starters of air supply, temperature of incubation, and rate of ripening

Number 86
April 2017

Number 87
July 1925
A study of the secondary effects of hill fertilization

Number 88
November 1925
Farm organization and farm profits in Tama County, Iowa