Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station Research Bulletin

Volume 7

Number 0
January 1926
Volume 7, Contents and Index

Number 89
November 1925
A partial correlation analysis of farm organization and management data from Warren County, Iow

Number 90
April 1926
Citric acid content of milk

Number 91
April 1926
Certain physical and chemical changes of Grimes Apples during ripening and s

Number 92
June 1926
Influence of the milk on the starter made from it

Number 93
June 1926
Hereditary correlation of size and color characters in tomatoes

Number 94
June 1926
The salt consumption of sheep: Fattening lambs

Number 95
June 1926
Influence of carbon dioxide upon quality and keeping properties of butter and ice ceasm

Number 96
June 1926
The extent to which weeds modify the transpiration of cereals

Number 97
October 1926
Germination and storage of apple seeds

Number 98
November 1926
Inheritance of carbohydrates and fat in crosses of dent and sweet corn

Number 99
November 1926
Classification of the Streptococcus Lactis group

Number 100
November 1926
Holcus bacterial spot of Zea mays and Holcus species

Number 101
December 1926
A statistical study of the prices and production of beef cattle