Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)


1. Carbon dioxide did not improve the quality of butter, but showed a tendency to lower the score of the butter.

2. The composition of the butter was not influenced by carbon dioxide.

3. The rate of oxidation in carbonated butter was as great as that in the uncarbonated product.

4. Carbon dioxide had no affect on the bacteria in carbonated butter.

5. No results were obtained to show that carbon dioxide improves the quality of ice cream.

6. The texture of ice cream was not influenced by the carbonating process.

7. The application of carbon dioxide to ice cream during freezing did not improve the standing up quality of the ice cream.

8. The composition of the ice cream was not affected by the addition of carbon dioxide.

9. Carbon dioxide did not affect the growth of bacteria in ice cream.

10. Neither butter nor ice cream retained appreciable quantities of carbon dioxide.



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