Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 8

Number 102
May 1927
Some statistical characterizations of the hog market

Number 103
May 1927
Correlation of physical measurements with egg production in white Plymouth Rock hens

Number 104
June 1927
Some effects of method of application of fertilizers on corn and soils

Number 105
October 1927
The genetics of plumage color in poultry

Number 106
February 1928
Studies on starters

Number 107
February 1928
The influence of temperatures and certain other factors upon the percentage of fat in milk

Number 108
February 1929
Time factors in relation to the acquisition of food by the honeybee

Number 109
February 1928
The numbers of microorganisms in Carrington loam as influenced by different soil treatments

Number 110
April 1928
Studies on nitrification and its relation to crop production on Carrington loam under different treatment

Number 111
April 1928
A study of Sclerospora Graminicola (Sacc.) Schroet. on Setaria Viridis (L.) Beauv. and Zea Mays L.

Number 112
May 1928
Infection studies with watermelon wilt caused by Fusarium niveum EFS.

Number 113
May 1928
Physiological studies on the nitrogen fixing bacteria of the genus Rhizobium