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Doctor of Philosophy


Industrial Education and Technology

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William D. Wolansky


The study investigated the views and perspectives of vocational industrial educators at the secondary school level in Taiwan on various aspects of the preparation and development of vocational personnel and compared the congruence of educators' perceptions in term of preparation and development of educators among school personnel from the northern, central, southern, and eastern parts of Taiwan, among the mechanical, electrical/electronic, chemical, construction, and industrial art families, between public and private school personnel, as well as between administrators and teachers. The design of research primarily concerned four areas: industrial program description and mission, preparation as a vocational educator, continuing education of vocational educators, and certification and licensure. The samples of the study consisted of 740 teachers and 170 administrators in vocational industrial schools in Taiwan, R.O.C;Thirty-four hypotheses were tested at the 0.05 level. Eleven revealed significant difference and are listed by region, occupational area, school, and position. There is a significant difference in respondents' perceptions regarding: (1) vocational industrial program description and mission among occupational areas; (2) preparation as a vocational educator among school personnel from different geographic areas; (3) continuing education of vocational educators among school personnel from different geographic areas; and (4) certification and licensure among school personnel from different geographic areas, occupational areas, and schools;Multiple regression was also used to test respondents' perceptions regarding their continuing development, it was found that it is possible to predict their perceptions of continuing development based on their geographic area of teaching and their length of time in education;The following recommendations were suggested: (1) The Ministry of Education of R.O.C. set up a Technical Vocational Information Center in the central and southern areas; (2) A similar study be undertaken to cover all other vocational education service areas; (3) The committee of curricular standards should include school administrators, teachers, and guidance counselors coming from different schools and regions; (4) All institutions preparing industrial education personnel take the necessary steps to assure the concepts, skills, and knowledge in this study; (5) Vocational industrial education be an integral part of every K-12 school system curriculum; (6) The Vocational Industrial Education Association of R.O.C. undertaken an informational program communicating to educators; and (7) Particular attention and support be given to industrial education teachers during their first four years of teaching.



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