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Industrial Education and Technology

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William D. Wolansky


Purposes. The purposes of this study are (1) to identify the factors which contribute to job satisfaction of industrial arts education graduates from National Kaohsuing Normal University in Taiwan, (2) to investigate and analyze factors which contribute to job satisfaction of industrial arts education graduates, and (3) to develop a flow diagram for predicting overall job satisfaction of teachers among industrial arts education graduates;Methods. The questionnaire method of data collection was used. Two hundred subjects were randomly selected from industrial arts teachers who graduated from National Kaohsuing Normal University. A questionnaire, consisting of two parts, was developed by the researcher. Part I consisted of items regarding demographic data. Part II included thirty-eight questions which referred to eight factors of job satisfaction. The statistical methods chosen for analyzing the data were regression analysis, t-test, and analysis of variance;Conclusions. Conclusions drawn from the findings were: (1) Among demographic variables, position and income level variables significantly contribute to teacher job satisfaction. (2) Position variable made significant contribution to supervision, colleagues, working conditions, and teacher preparation factors. (3) Income variable significantly contributed to working conditions, pay, and advancement factors. (4) Among eight factors relating to job satisfaction, the colleagues factor was satisfied by most industrial arts teachers. On the other hand, the working condition factor was dissatisfied by most industrial arts teachers.



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