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Doctor of Philosophy


Industrial Education and Technology

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William D. Wolansky


A mathematical model was developed to measure the degree of technology in a given country or countries. The model is based on the regression analysis incorporating a taxonomic method to measure the difference of technological development within a group of countries. Simple linear regression analysis was employed to identify the independent variables showing the strongest relationship to the dependent variable. These variables were then used in controlled studies to investigate causal relationships, i.e., to identify the importance of the technological characteristics influencing the technological level. Second, the independent variables most influencing the dependent variable were selected using the all-regression procedure. Third, taxonomic analysis was employed to classify, compare, and rank the levels of technological development. The resource mathematical model was investigated for developed industrial countries, newly industrializing countries, middle income countries, and less developing countries. Using the nation's data from the period of 1980-1986, the results show that as long as the industrial countries maintain economic prosperity, they will probably continue to dominate high technology. Thus, they may continue to be the primary resources of technology. On the other hand, the technological development in the less developed countries remains still in the earliest stage. Comparisons and ranking of technological development within individual countries are also analyzed.



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