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Doctor of Philosophy


Curriculum and Instruction

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Richard P. Manatt


This study was conducted to test the feasibility of modifying the CATE/S microcomputer system from a teacher evaluation tool to one to assist in the evaluation and improvement of principal performance. The development of a bank of professional growth plans to be generated from the modified, software package and a substantive review of the literature were also contributions to the field of knowledge. Two circumstances that served as motivational factors initiating this study were the need for increased accountability, resulting in a quest for improved principal performance evaluation, and the research finding that effective instruction is strongly related to building administrator behaviors;The collaboratively developed Professional Improvement Commitments (PICs) aligned with the field site criteria and were linked with procedures for assistance in improvement of performance. For demonstration purposes, a copy of the CATE/S software was modified to contain the components of principal evaluation. Feasibility of the system was tested through an expert jury of fifteen practicing administrators from four states;All others in the organization are influenced by improved communication among administrators; therefore, increased attention to the professional growth of administrators is a relevant first step to affecting lasting and substantive change throughout the school system. In the total systems approach to evaluation, the cooperative writing of the professional growth plan by the supervisor and principal is the integral, culminating step, specifying a plan for improvement during the next evaluation cycle;The Expert Jury Survey served to establish the feasibility of the proposed microcomputer process as a decision support system to assist in principal performance evaluation and supervision. It was shown that the CATE/S system is capable of improving the speed and efficiency of the evaluation process. Demonstration of the software package successfully modeled the system's capability of assisting in these areas: (1) Stores principal performance profiles individually, (2) Generates PICs for each area of substandard performance to assist in principal performance improvement, (3) Produces reports that allow for monitoring of evaluator discrimination, (4) Produces reports that compare principals, and (5) Creates a report that assists in the planning of the District's staff development planning process.



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