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Doctor of Philosophy


Agricultural Education and Studies

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David Williams

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Larry Trede


A follow-up study was conducted on Ag. 450 graduates of 1969 through 1989 to evaluate the course. Ag. 450, a 3-credit course, has been offered at Iowa State University for about 50 years. It provides hands-on experience for students in applied farm management. The goal of this study was to assess the benefits derived, the appropriateness of contents, usefulness of contents in careers, and importance of the procedures used in Ag. 450 class as perceived by graduates;A survey was used to collect data. A sample of 500 subjects were selected from a population of 1277 course graduates;A five-part instrument was developed to measure the information on the benefits, the appropriateness, the usefulness of contents, the procedures used in class, and demographic information on the respondents. Data were analyzed using statistical Package for the Social Sciences;The findings revealed that students enrolled in Ag. 450 were from different curricula. After completion of their studies, half of them entered in farming. Based on the data collected, it was concluded that Ag. 450 met its predefined objectives. Ag. 450 course graduates perceived that they derived benefits in technical and nontechnical areas related to agriculture. The course content was appropriate and useful in the graduates' careers. The procedures used in Ag. 450 class were appropriate according to the respondents. Ag. 450 was deemed successful in providing applied farm management and related skills useful in careers;Several significant differences were observed in benefits, appropriateness, usefulness, and procedures used in the Ag. 450 class when analyzed by selected demographic variables.



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