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Doctor of Philosophy


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James Sweeney


The purpose of this study was to investigate two approaches to school administrator internship programs: university field-based internship programs and Danforth field-based principal preparation programs. The study was explicitly designed to determine the program design and delivery system for operating university and Danforth administrator internship programs. Additionally, the study was designed to examine to what extent selected processes, components, and experiences (program design and delivery) improve and develop internship leadership skills;Two survey instruments: (1) Program Facilitator School Leader questionnaire and (2) Intern School Leader Questionnaire, and telephone interviews with program interns were utilized to address key research questions. Twenty-two managers representing internship programs responded to 42 questions presented in the Program Facilitator School Leader Questionnaire, and 26 program interns from university field-based and Danforth field-based preparation programs responded to 23 questions presented in the Intern School Leader Questionnaire. Seventeen of these 26 program interns participated in a phone interview designed to further clarify what was helpful and not helpful and why in their individual field experience and other aspects of their program in developing and improving their intern leadership skills;It was determined that specific elements comprise an ideal preparation program. They include specific program structural elements and field experience elements.



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