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Industrial Education and Technology

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John N. Riley


The purpose of this study was to gather the perceptions and the attitudes of elementary school teachers in Taiwan R.O.C. regarding inservice computer education programs. The study also investigated elementary school teachers' attitudes towards content, format, scheduling, and administrative' support of inservice education;Data were collected by way of a survey which was measured using a Likert scale. A proportional, stratified random sampling procedure was used to identify 200 elementary schools from the 2,467 elementary schools in Taiwan. The survey was mailed to principals of sampled schools. Only one teacher from each school was chosen as a subject. A response rate of 84% was achieved;Eleven hypotheses were tested at the 0.05 level of significance by means of one-way ANOVAs, chi-squares, t-tests, and Friedman rank sum tests;Major findings were that (1) elementary school teachers should receive inservice credits from colleges or universities for updating professional knowledge to improve classroom performance; (2) teachers need to be involved in the development of purposes, activities, and evaluation methods; (3) educational agencies should provide sufficient inservice programs for elementary school teachers; (4) private elementary school teachers express a stronger need for opportunities to select appropriate inservice programs and for cooperation from administrators, parents of students, and staff than did public elementary school teachers; (5) teachers with more experience in inservice computer education expect more advanced and challenging courses; and (6) teachers' colleges play an important role in providing appropriate inservice computer education programs for elementary school teachers;It was recommended that (a) inservice computer education provide courses of different levels, depending upon the computer knowledge of those enrolled; (b) inservice computer education for elementary school teachers focus on teacher utilities, application packages, computer assisted instruction, computer educational applications, computer operation, and structure; (c) administrators or principals have the first opportunities to participate in inservice computer education; and (d) a nation-wide research center be established to conduct educational studies and necessary follow-up research.



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