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Doctor of Philosophy


Industrial Education and Technology

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Larry L. Bradshaw

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William D. Wolansky


The purpose of this study was to help competitors from Taiwan prepare to participate in the International Vocational Training Competition (IVTC) cabinetmaking event. The study investigated cabinetmaking skill and professional knowledge needs perceived by advisors, teachers, trainers, competitors, and supervisors. It also investigated training needs for IVTC competitors. The sample consisted of 68 professional teachers from 12 vocational/industrial senior high schools, 15 trainers from 4 vocational/industrial training centers, 4 supervisors from colleges and universities, 2 advisors from 1 university, and 13 competitors from the 19th to the 31st IVTCs;Ten hypotheses were tested at the 0.05 level of significance. Five revealed significant differences in terms of the relation between knowledge, skill, or training needs, and respondent position, geographical location, work experience, and major. There are significant differences in terms of (1) perceived need to take the same time to train in basic and in advanced skills before participation in the IVTC, by respondent; (2) perceived need for congruency in skill and professional knowledge, by respondent position, (3) perceived need for cabinetmaking skill except pattern engineering or interior decorating, by respondent geographical location, (4) perceived need for cabinetmaking skill except modeling engineering or pattern engineering, by respondent work experience, and (5) perceived need for training, by respondent judging experience;Ten recommendations were made: (1) pattern engineering and interior decorating skill can be dropped from the cabinetmaking curriculum; (2) cabinetmaking skill should be emphasized in basic woodworking tools; (3) professional knowledge should be emphasized; (4) training needs should be emphasized; (5) the Ministry of Education in Taiwan should provide a complete cabinetmaking courses for VISHS students; (6) the Vocational Training Bureau (VTB) under the Labor Committee Institution (LCI) in Taiwan should provide a complete training program; (7) IVTC competitors should have access to needed equipment; (8) the VTB should provide additional information about the IVTC cabinetmaking competition; (9) the training location should provide individual places for competitors during training terms; and (10) advisors should provide (post or list) a training plan before training this term begins.



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