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Doctor of Philosophy


Agricultural Education and Studies

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Alan A. Kahler


An agricultural electronics course was developed for the Agricultural Systems Technology degree program at Iowa State University. Resources utilized in the curriculum development process were course syllabi from other institutions and the input of industry experts;Twenty-seven institutions were contacted to determine the current status of agricultural electronics education in American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE) recognized agricultural technology and management curricula. The results indicated that less than one-half of these curricula offer an agricultural electronics course. Little agreement from one institution to another on course content was found for those agricultural technology and management curricula that offer an agricultural electronics course. Industry input in the development of existing agricultural electronics courses was found to be low;The Delphi research technique was utilized to gain consensus from industry experts on the topics appropriate for inclusion in an agricultural electronics course. Thirty industry experts responded to three rounds of questionnaires and identified 85 topics they felt were important for inclusion in an agricultural electronics course. Twenty-seven of the 85 topics were determined to be the most important and served as the basis for the content of an agricultural electronics course at Iowa State University;Ralph Tyler's curriculum model was utilized to develop the structure for the agricultural electronics course. The 27 topics identified by industry experts were organized into one goal, 11 learning objectives, and 15 learning experiences for Agricultural Systems Technology 460, Agricultural Electronics, offered initially in the spring of 1993 at Iowa State University.



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