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Doctor of Philosophy


Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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Larry H. Ebbers


In 2002, the State of Iowa is developing guidelines for implementation of the Accountability Government Action, House File 687. This legislation will require all state departments to develop planning and accountability strategies that will fit within the overall direction of state government. The pilot research was conducted utilizing one community college and a single participating company, through case study methodology, and developed an evaluation process and instruments to measure the effectiveness of economic development initiatives, specifically Iowa Industrial New Jobs Training Programs (260E). Three additional community colleges and participating 260E businesses volunteered to pilot the evaluation instruments and compiled results are included in the study and are referenced to initial research outcomes. Economic development programs assist in developing high-skilled workers to meet the demands of Iowa's changing economy. The study focused on the following initiatives: (1) economic development (state-financed) programs, explored the operations of economic development programs; (2) Iowa Industrial New Jobs Training Programs (260E), presented the uniqueness of economic development programs monitored by the Iowa Department of Economic Development, financed and delivered by Iowa Community Colleges, and program enrollments reported to the Iowa Department of Education; (3) program training/evaluation/transfer of training, developed to evaluate training provided through economic development programs; and (4) community college customized/contract training, reviewed characteristics of business and industry training provided by community colleges. Results of the study, as perceived by the company representative, will serve as a model for development of accountability strategies through program evaluation for Iowa New Jobs Training Programs (260E).



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