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Doctor of Philosophy


Chemical and Biological Engineering

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Dean L. Ulrichson


Object Oriented Programming Languages (OOPL) offer the flexibility of language extension to the specific application of interest. The development effort required for process simulators can be greatly reduced if we extend OOPL with process simulator specific objects and use them for simulation. Design of objects is the most important aspect of development in using OOPL. But OOPL do not provide a methodology to aid in object design. The objects to be designed should reflect the nature of the application at hand.;The objective of this work is to develop an object oriented process simulator to illustrate the benefit of using OOPL in process simulation. An object design criteria is established, an analysis of the object model is performed, and a steady state process simulator using sequential and simultaneous approaches is developed using C++ as the underlying implementation language.;It is found that the object model has to be extended with operational behavior to effectively represent the process simulation information, the development effort is greatly reduced by using the object oriented approach for the process simulator, OOPL can act as common platforms for integrating process engineering activities, and C++ can be effectively used as an implementation language for object oriented process simulation.;Further work is necessary to extend the simulator with dynamic simulation capabilities and to make the simulator interactive and user friendly by developing a graphic interface.



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