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Doctor of Philosophy


Curriculum and Instruction

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Daniel C. Robinson


This dissertation presents the results of a study of doctoral students from selected departments at a large midwestern research university. Doctoral students from six departments in three colleges were surveyed. The College of Education (Professional Studies and Curriculum and Instruction), the College of Family and Consumer Sciences (Family and Consumer Science Education and Human Development and Family Studies), and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Psychology and Sociology) were the selected colleges and departments;The study was designed to explore doctoral students' perceptions of the institution and of the faculty, their financial and academic concerns, and perceptions of their feelings and support systems. The instrument used included a section of demographic items, Likert scale items developed by the researcher to measure the constructs described above, and a standardized scale, the Social Provisions Scale, which measures dimensions of support;Reliability procedures were used to create composites from the individual items. These composites and the subscale items from the Social Provisions Scale were used as the units of analysis. General frequencies were run on the single items as well as the composites. One-way analysis of variance and t-test procedures were used for comparisons;Analysis found 5 significant differences in perceptions between male and female doctoral students; 7 significant differences between doctoral students at different stages of their program (Moving in, Moving through, and Moving on); 13 significant differences between respondents from the Professional Studies Department and students from all other departs; 10 significant differences in the three colleges (two selected departments from each college). Differences focused on perceptions of safety on campus, the adequacy of orientation programs, child care, services for students, financial and academic concerns, the availability of courses, and social support systems.



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