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Doctor of Philosophy


Agricultural Education and Studies

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Julia A. Gamon

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Robert A. Martin


There was a concern that available current information, resources and computer systems including network systems such as EXNET in Iowa State University Extension are underutilized. There were indications of skill deficiencies and a lack of confidence about computers among the staff. In addition to this concern, there may be a need for Extension administration to provide training and support for Extension personnel' s computer use;The purpose of this study was to analyze the relationship of computer use with selected factors such as computer attitudes, computer experience, computer knowledge, learning styles, and job position and to develop a linear structural model of computer technology use by Iowa State University Extension personnel that would provide implications for training and support needs for Extension personnel. Also determined were some descriptive characteristics of educational computer technology use;Building on the systems theory, behaviorism, and cognitive theory that provide the framework that supports the use of computer technology, a theoretically interesting structural model was developed and analyzed. It was revealed from the model that Iowa Extension State University Extension personnel's computer use was related to their program area of responsibility, educational training and support, computer experience, computer knowledge, and computer attitudes. It was further found that computer knowledge was found as the most important variable in explaining Extension personnel's computer use, even though it was not high compared to their computer experience and attitudes;In terms of educational training and support, Extension personnel's job position was the most important variable to consider in designing and implementing future educational training and support. In addition, it is necessary to take Extension personnel's learning styles into account in designing future educational training programs.



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