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Doctor of Philosophy


Agricultural Education and Studies

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Larry D. Trede


The purpose of this study was to examine the preferences of agriculture producers regarding the content and delivery of risk management education using Kolb's learning modes as a set of descriptors. Further, this study sought to analyze producers' attitudes about and perceptions of risk and risk management education and develop an educational model based on these preferences and perceptions.;This study was conducted using a descriptive survey design. A six-part questionnaire was developed and sent to members of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation. Collection of the data via purposive sampling was done using three techniques. The first was a random sample of all Iowa Farm Bureau Federation members. The membership list was stratified by county and a random sample drawn from each county in Iowa. The second and third parts of the purposive sampling was administered at two different conferences sponsored by the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation. The respondents were asked to indicate which sources of risk were most important to them as agricultural producers. Furthermore, respondents indicated their level of agreement with and use of perceptions and actions regarding risk management statements and tools. Further, the respondents were asked to indicate which ways they would be interested in learning about risk management strategies using Kolb's learning modes as the set of descriptors.;The major findings of this study indicate that the respondents rated market/price risk as a major concern. Size of farming operation seems to influence what and how producers want to learn about risk management strategies and tools. Most agricultural producers want to learn information by thinking and analyzing (abstract conceptualization), and by learning by doing and experimenting (active experimentation).;Recommendations were made to continue researching the areas of risk management so that barriers may be identified and quality educational programs may be put in place. Also, a model was designed to aid in the development of risk management education for agricultural producers.



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