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Larry H. Ebbers


This study was designed to answer questions as to whether community college Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree students transfer and, if so, whether they are successful academically;Based on the overall transfer rate, it appears that vocational educational programs in agriculture at Iowa's community colleges are meeting their primary mission of school to work;For this study five hypotheses were formulated to determine whether there was a relationship between when the decision was made to transfer by AAS agricultural community college students and their performance and progress in the four-year institution;Two questionnaires were developed to collect the data for this study. The first was completed by the AAS degree agricultural graduates who transferred following degree attainment between 1985 and 1990 from one of Iowa's community colleges. The second questionnaire was completed by the registrar of the four-year institution selected by the AAS transfer student;This research indicated that with an articulation agreement, quality transfer information and counseling, and a high grade point average (GPA), many of Iowa's AAS agricultural students who do transfer are capable of academic success in four-year institutions (96 of the 187 received a degree and 23 are still enrolled);Faculty at both the community college and the four-year institution were key to the transfer process. Other findings include the higher the GAP prior to transfer, the higher GPA for that student in the four-year institution; the greater the number of vocational credits accepted, the greater the incidence of receiving a baccalaureate degree; and the earlier that a decision was made to transfer, the more likely students were to earn a baccalaureate degree.



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