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Doctor of Philosophy


Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

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Dwaine S. Bundy


The objective of this study was to design an ionization system for maximum collection efficiency. The laboratory studies were conducted to test the system and evaluate the performance of the prototypes. Two ionization systems were designed and tested in an air quality laboratory chamber. In the first system a high voltage negative ionization electrode and a neutral collector were used to charge and collect the dust from the air. Samples were obtained with the systems on and off. Samples were also obtained to compare the effectiveness of the second ionization system and an ionization system manufactured by Alpine. Two methods were used to analyze the dust concentration to evaluate the effectiveness of the systems in reducing the dust concentration. A graphical method (slope) and a mathematical method were used to evaluate the effectiveness in dust removal;The second system resulted in a significantly higher reduction of airborne dust concentration than the first. Also the study showed that the removal rate of dust particles by the ionization systems increased as the particle size increased. Also the study showed that the Alpine ionization system was much less effective in removing dust from the air than the second prototype ionization system;The study also evaluated the effect of wire sizes on electron generation of the ionization systems. The study showed that the static voltage increases as (1) the applied voltage increased, (2) the distance between the collector and discharge electrode decrease, and (3) the wire radius decreased. The study reviewed the theoretical aspects of the voltage-current relationship for corona discharge;The last part of the study reviewed the safety consideration of the high DC voltage part of the ionization system.



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