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Larry H. Ebbers


The purpose of this study was to identify and define competencies for community college community services/continuing education directors;A review of literature on community college community services/continuing education, community services leadership, community college presidential competencies, and business management/leadership was conducted. The review of literature yielded little literature on community services/continuing education research and writings. Literature on community college presidential competencies and business management/leadership was more prevalent which provided competencies appropriate for community service/continuing education directors. A doctoral dissertation conducted in 1989 provided a set of 43 identified competencies for community college presidents. The competencies served as the foundation for this study;Data were gathered for the competency identification through the use of a three round Delphi process. This process was conducted by a team of nominated experts representing ten geographic regions of the United States;The major conclusions of this study were: A list of 50 competencies with definitions was identified for community college community services/continuing education directors; 18 reached consensus; 25 reached stability; five reached neither consensus nor stability; and two were identified too late to receive full consideration. These competencies were those that were initially identified from the dissertation; identified in rounds one, two, or three; or suggested by the expert panel;Conclusions of this study were: (1) literature in community services/continuing education is not readily available; (2) a set of 43 competencies has been developed for community services/continuing education directors; (3) staff development activities can be designed to reinforce and improve competencies of directors; (4) competencies can be used in developing position descriptions for directors; and (5) graduate programs for community college professionals may offer courses that may enhance or strengthen competencies for community college community services/continuing education directors.



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