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Doctor of Philosophy


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Daniel C. Robinson


The purpose of the study was to describe the role of the Leadership Institute for a New Century (LINC) in leadership development for women and people of color. The case study of selected LINC stakeholders focused on leadership development, the enhancement of leadership skills, and the use of type theory in leadership development. Data sources used were: (1) the Satisfaction and Perception Survey completed by LINC participants; (2) personal semi-structured interviews of selected LINC stakeholders; (3) the data base of type profiles for LINC participants, using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Methods of data analysis were descriptive statistics for the survey, qualitative methods for the interviews, and the Selection Ratio Type Table program for the MBTI profiles;Findings of the study included: (a) identifiable ways that leadership skills of LINC participants have been developed or enhanced as a result of completing the program; (b) ways to define leaders and leadership; (c) evidence that LINC is preparing women and people of color to assume enhanced administrative leadership roles at community colleges; (d) identification of major issues facing community college leaders; (e) applications of type theory in leadership development programs; (f) perceptions of women's leadership styles; (g) barriers and challenges facing women leaders in Iowa's community colleges; and (h) roles the sponsoring institution can assume in supplementing and integrating the participants' LINC experience.



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