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Doctor of Philosophy


Curriculum and Instruction

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Charles E. Railsback


This research examined teachers' perceptions of: (a) the level of quality of eight dimensions of educational practices employed by teachers within their own buildings and (b) the level of quality of the specific relationships between leadership practices and the practices in the other dimensions of all teachers and by attendance center levels;One-hundred fifty-six randomly selected teachers from eighteen high achieving schools in central and northern Minnesota representing four senior high, three 7-12 secondary, three junior high, three middle, and five elementary attendance center levels provided the data for the study. The schools represented a mixture of rural, urban, and suburban districts;The instrument used to collect the data was developed by the researcher. Dimensions of educational practices examined in the study were: (a) leadership, (b) monitoring and assessment, (c) curriculum, (d) staff development, (e) instructional staff, (f) student discipline and behavior, (g) parent/community involvement, and (h) district environment;The analysis of data revealed teachers feel that the quality of the educational practices they use on a daily basis is at an over all high level. It also showed that there is a high level of inter-relatedness between the dimensions of educational practices as well as between the specific practices within each dimension. In addition, the teachers, within each attendance level, were generally in agreement with their ratings of the level of quality of the practices for each dimension. There were, however, significant differences in the perceived level of quality when the perceptions of teachers was examined by attendance center levels.



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