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Doctor of Philosophy



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Michael R. Simonson


This research project was conducted using qualitative and quantitative methods to describe the distance education component of the Zimbabwean teacher education program. There were three objectives of the project. The first was to design and implement a workshop for faculty of Zimbabwean teachers' colleges. The second was to produce, from that workshop, a written proceedings detailing the critical issues in Zimbabwean distance education. The third objective was to create a comprehensive description of the distance education component of the Zimbabwean teacher education program. A model, the Triad Perspective Model of Distance Education (TPMDE), was created from the three theoretical bases of curriculum development theory, systems theory, and adoption and diffusion of innovations theory. This multi-dimensional model was used to provide frames of reference for examining the Zimbabwean distance education program. There were five program recommendations offered as a result of this study. These were: (1) Create a Zimbabwean Commission for Distance Education, (2) Conduct regularly scheduled program evaluations, (3) Emphasize applied (as opposed to theoretical) education in the distance education print modules, (4) Increase the leadership role of the University of Zimbabwe in the area of distance education, and (5) Create Distance Education Departments within each teachers' college. It was further suggested that future research be conducted using the TPMDE as both a descriptive tool as well as a design tool for building distance education programs.



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