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Consistent with a growing national and state interest in the topic of youth development/community service as a strategy to improve communities and broaden students' education, this study, based on a survey form, was conducted to generate data from each of the 433 Iowa public school superintendents regarding the following: (1) Their perceptions of the degree of youth participation in selected youth development/community service programs by grade levels and enrollment in alternative and special programs in terms of the following conditions: whether the services were being offered by community groups, individual schools, and on a district-wide basis. (2) Their perceptions of which youth development/community service programs would be the most beneficial to youth if these services and activities were available in their communities. (3) Their recommendation of at least one existing program which was especially effective and which could serve as an example for other communities to consider in developing their own programs and activities. (4) Their responses to the question: "If resources were available to provide the youth community service programs which you perceived to be beneficial to your community, would you support providing them through legislative mandate? [underline]YES [underline]NO";It was concluded that beyond youth organizations such as scouting, 4-H, and sports, youth participation in community service programs was generally at a moderately low level;The program services which superintendents perceived to be most desirable in light of unmet needs were parent education, drug abuse prevention, family crisis counseling, peer helping/peer tutoring, and individual crisis counseling;The databases realized from the survey have been made available to local district educators, staff of the Iowa Department of Education, other human service professionals, policy makers, and community service advocates to strengthen the opportunities which educators and others offer to young people at the local community level and to determine future direction in relation to public policy.



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