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Doctor of Philosophy


Industrial Education and Technology

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William D. Wolansky


The study investigated the competencies required by the sheet metal industry workers and compared the competencies expected within the sheet metal industry to the skills acquired in industrial/vocational senior high schools in Taiwan. The research design employed an evaluation research procedure or analyzing the programs of sheet metal departments in Taiwan schools;Six sheet metal related occupations; namely, general sheet metal working, auto body sheet metal working, sheet metal plastic forming, platemetal cold working, welding, and piping or plumbing, were included in the study. Each occupation participant and teachers of sheet metal departments in schools were surveyed regarding skills and knowledge expectations in their jobs. The samples of the study consisted of 69 teachers in sheet metal departments, 59 supervisors and 135 skilled workers in the sheet metal occupations;Study findings included the following. (1) The sheet metal department can be separated into two departments: namely, light gage sheet metal and heavy platemetal departments. (2) Auto body working includes unique expertise skills and are not required by other sheet metal occupations. (3) Emphasis on arc welding skill is appropriate. (4) Skills of soldering and brazing were not viewed as necessary in the school curriculum. (5) Knowledge of automatic manufacturing and of the use of appropriate materials represent future trends within the sheet metal industry;The following recommendations were suggested: (1) Schools should provide more knowledge based courses to sheet metal students. (2) The Labor Committee Institution in Taiwan should review and re-analyze the job descriptions. (3) Flexible educational system and coordination of vocational training system should be established. (4) The Ministry of Education should provide a greater selection of technical courses to students which are related to emerging occupational needs.



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