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Doctor of Philosophy


Industrial Education and Technology

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William D. Wolansky


The purposes of this study are: (1) to explore teachers' perceptions of their principals' leadership style and school climate; (2) to compare the school climates of teachers who also hold an administrative position with that of teachers who do not hold an administrative position; (3) to explore the relations between school climate and selected teachers' demographic characteristics such as gender, age, total years of teaching experience, total years at the present school, and educational level;A questionnaire consisting of three parts was developed by the researcher and sent to 280 subjects who were all senior industrial high school teachers. Part one consisted of items regarding demographic data. Part two consisted of the Principal's Leadership Behavior Description Questionnaire. Part three consisted of the School Climate Description Questionnaire. The research, which was conducted in Taiwan, included a combination of descriptive and correlation-coefficient statistical processes. It also utilized a combination of regression analyses, t-tests, and analyses of variance (ANOVAs);Conclusions are to be drawn from the findings that: (1) Senior industrial high school climate was correlated with the principals' leadership behaviors and teachers' demographic data; (2) Principals scoring high in both task and relationship behavior had good communication and leadership skills; and (3) Principals scoring low in both task and relationship behavior did not have effective communications and leadership skills;On the basis of these conclusions, the researcher formulated the following recommendations: (1) The Ministry of Education in Taiwan should provide in-service training to assist present and future principals in staff development. (2) Some skills in dealing with the change process are needed by principals to enable them to influence school climate. (3) Through effective leadership style, principals can influence teachers to cooperate.



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