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Doctor of Philosophy


Agricultural Education and Studies

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Robert A. Martin


The primary purpose of this study was to determine perceptions held by leaders in the National Young Farmer Educational Association (NYFEA) regarding international agriculture issues and their implications for agricultural and extension education. An additional purpose was to identify and analyze international agricultural knowledge and skills needed by members of the NYFEA;The study was conducted using descriptive survey methods in the form of a mail questionnaire. The questionnaire consisted of 108 items and was arranged into three sections. Section one was designed to determine perceptions held by leaders in the NYFEA regarding selected issues in international agriculture. In section two the leaders were asked to indicate the degree of importance and/or the level of interest in topic areas related to international agriculture. Section three was designed to identify the leaders' demographic characteristics;During the Spring Semester of 1995, the questionnaire was sent out to 264 leaders in the NYFEA. A total of 153 usable returns were received for a 58.0% response rate. Various statistical procedures were employed to analyze and summarize the data. All analyses were conducted to answer the specific objectives of the study;The high ratings of the perception statements regarding selected issues in international agriculture in this study seem to indicate general agreement of the need for some form of a global outreach program in agriculture for young and/or adult farmers in the United States. Respondents indicated that knowledge about the global economy will help them to produce and market U.S. products overseas;The respondents indicated general agreement regarding the importance and the need to expand awareness of the global community by adding international perspectives to the educational programs for young and adult farmers. Adding international perspectives to these programs is an important means of providing farmers with a working knowledge and an understanding of international agriculture issues. Adding international perspectives to programs in agriculture also promotes the concept of the interdependence of the countries of the world;The respondents in this study agreed that international agriculture issues will become more important to U.S. farmers in the next decade and that leaders in the NYFEA have an important responsibility to enhance farmers' understanding of international agriculture issues that affect their daily lives and link them to people around the world;The respondents had a slightly favorable interest in learning more about selected topics in international agriculture. However, respondents with a bachelor's degree tended to have more interest in learning about livestock production in other countries. Leaders who had traveled to foreign countries had more favorable perceptions for internationalizing agriculture than those who had not;Overall, the study indicates that young and/or adult farmer leaders need to develop international perspectives and skills that will enable them to compete and function more effectively in the international marketplace.



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