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Doctor of Philosophy


Agricultural Education and Studies

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Robert A. Martin


The main purpose of this study was to determine and analyze farmers' perceptions regarding the adoption of selected sustainable agriculture practices specifically associated with weed control in Iowa. A secondary purpose was to identify the implications to agricultural extension education;The study revealed that farmers use a combination of various weed control methods including chemical control, cultivation, soil fertility management, crop rotation, and crop diversification. Farmers in this study indicated that they were supportive of educational program focused on sustainable agricultural practices. The challenge that faces extension educators is to design educational programs that fit the needs of farmers;Farmers lacked a clear understanding of what agricultural practices are thought to contribute to sustainability of natural resources. The extent to which farmers used soil fertility management and crop rotation indicated that these practices could be useful in controlling weeds;Demographic characteristics of the farmers in the study revealed that adoption of sustainable agriculture practices associated with weed control depends on the age of the farmer, the numbers of years in farming, the number of acres owned, the number of acres rented, the level of education and the level of income earned from farming;Farmers in the study participated in government programs, however, they did not consider government policy incentives as a part of the strategy for implementing sustainable agricultural practices. The study confirmed that farmers considered conservation tillage, long-term consideration for food safety, appropriate pricing of farm products, and the practice of weed scouting as important strategies for implementing sustainable agricultural practices. Farmers indicated that the best sources of agricultural information include on-farm demonstrations, field days and magazines.



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