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Doctor of Philosophy


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Charles T. Wright, Jr.


A rapid prototyping environment, called SAMUEL, for creating custom computing machines is described. The custom computing machines are synthesized by a compiler from a general purpose algorithmic language and a library of Verilog opcode circuits. The opcode circuits implement the interpretation rules defined for the algorithmic language. The compiler produces as output a Verilog description of the custom computing machine. This description can be used for simulation, or for synthesis with commercial tools;The opcode library makes SAMUEL unique among other research work that has been documented by raising the semantic level of the level 0 circuits. SAMUEL is also unique because the algorithmic language used is not a hardware description language, and it has not been modified in any way from the original language definition. Finally, SAMUEL is unique because the language chosen supports dynamic procedure definition. This allows a procedure to transform into a completely different procedure at runtime. This is language-supported reconfigurability which enhances the current research trends in reconfigurable devices;Custom computing machines generated by SAMUEL can be described using the scheme given by Milutinovic as software translated, language corresponding, complex, directly executing architectural support for the high-level language Euler (1). The approach differs from other work, however, by exploiting the field programmability of gate arrays (and the freedom guaranteed by a simulation environment) to create custom computing machines that only support the required language opcodes. This is important when the limited real-estate space of programmable logic is considered. Averaged real-estate savings can be achieved by not implementing support for the entire language on every custom computing machine.



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