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Hot boned turkey breast and thigh muscles were held at 0, 12 or 30°C from 0.25 to 4 hr postmortem and then after 4 hr postmortem they were held at 2°C. Muscle characteristics were evaluated at various times postmortem. Ultimate pH was not influenced by postmortem temperatures and did not change during storage for either muscle. Sarcomere lengths were shortest at 0°C and longest at 12° C for both muscles, although no difference in lengths was found between 12 and 30°C in breast. The 30° C temperature and longer storage times interacted to produce the greatest drip loss for both muscles. For thigh, the 0°C postmortem temperature had greater drip losses compared to 12°C. In a centrifuge water-holding capacity (WHC) test the supernatant weight increased (WHC decreased) with increased storage time, and was greatest at 30°C for breast and 0°C for thigh. Supernatant salt soluble protein increased as temperature and storage time increased in both muscles. Cooking yields for thigh homogenates containing water were lower at 0°C compared to 12 and 30°C. Cooking yields were lower at 30°C and increased during storage when breast homogenates contained water, salt and phosphate, while thigh showed lower cooking yields at 0°C and no change during storage. Increasing the time postmortem before the muscles were chilled increased drip losses and lowered cooking yields of homogenates containing water, salt and phosphate. Shear values of breast slices containing water, salt and phosphate were not influenced by postmortem temperatures of 0°C and 12°C. WHC results indicate that breast and thigh muscles react differently to early postmortem temperature and that WHC differences occurred during storage. Breast muscle WHC also was influenced by increasing the time postmortem before the muscle was chilled, however, chilling temperature did not influence the shear force of further processed breast.



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