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The major purpose of this study was to examine factors influencing teaching about aging by vocational home economics teachers. Because attitudes toward old people was one of the factors explored in the study, a secondary purpose of the study was to identify the underlying dimensions of Kogan's Attitudes Toward Old People Scale (OPS), an instrument that has been used extensively in attitudinal research;The population for the study was 391 vocational home economics teachers in the state of Iowa. A mailed questionnaire was sent to all of the teachers identified and questionnaires from 300 teachers provided usable data for the study. Factor analysis was used to identify dimensions of the OPS and the results showed that three factors emerged: behavioral characteristics of older people, attractiveness of older people, and wisdom of older people. These factors had coefficient alpha reliability estimates of.73,.76, and.58, respectively;A path analysis model was used to test the relationship between teaching aging-related concepts and teachers' background characteristics, teacher preparation, experience with older people, attitudes toward older people, knowledge of older people and teaching resources. Results indicated teacher preparation (specifically inservice education) as the only factor in the study that was directly related to teaching about aging. The analysis of interacting variables indicated that different dimensions of attitudes toward older people were related to knowledge of older people, experience with older people, years of teaching, age, and educational level. Knowledge of older people was related to teacher preparation (preservice and inservice education).



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