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The purpose of this study was to identify the degree of satisfaction of alumni with the graduate degree program regarding curriculum, procedure and staffing in the Department of Professional Studies;The questionnaire used in this study consisted of two parts (1) demographic data; (2) statements related to the section major, the Department of Professional Studies in Education but outside the major and the overall department. The population was alumni of the Department of Professional Studies from 1980-1985;Data from 366 questionnaires were analyzed by frequencies, percentages, means, factor analysis, correlations, reliabilities, t-test and analysis of variance (single classification). Eleven factors were formed ranging in reliabilities from.63 to.92;It was found that there were significant differences between degree of satisfaction and sex, highest degree at ISU, section major, thesis/creative component requirement, occupation but not age and year of graduation;Male, Ph.D., Educational Administration section, thesis or dissertation writing alumni and ones who worked at 2-year and community colleges had higher satisfaction than the others on the Graduate program quality in section, Curriculum and student evaluation;The three highest satisfaction items were on (1) size of class in section (2) relationship between alumni and their major professor and (3) availability of major professor to student;The three lowest satisfaction items were (1) the quality of career development assistance in the department; (2) and in section and (3) departmental attention to providing students with credentials for obtaining employment after graduation.



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