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Doctor of Philosophy


Agricultural Education and Studies

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Robert A. Martin


The primary purpose of this study was to identify the perceptions held towards a global perspective in higher education in agriculture by recent graduates of selected land grant college of agriculture programs. A secondary purpose was to generate strategies for curriculum reform that will enhance global perspective education in the college of agriculture of land-grant universities;The descriptive method of research design was used for a portion of this study and required the use of quantitative statistical analysis. Based upon the tabulating, depicting and description of the data from this study, as well as the incorporation of information from previous studies, this study provides a framework for colleges of agriculture to infuse a global perspective to the curriculum;Some conclusions of the study were: Although most college of agriculture graduates work for organizations that conduct international activities and nearly half are involved in international activities in their work, few college of agriculture graduates speak a foreign language and most have little if any international experience. This conclusion indicates that employers have a need for employees who can work in an international setting but by the lack of language skills and experience, graduates are not being prepared for such work; it was perceived that the curriculum of colleges of agriculture need to increase their international content; the greatest need for international content is in the economic and technical areas; international experience has a significant impact on a graduate's perspective on adding a global perspective to college of agriculture curriculum; a global perspective can be added to college of agriculture curriculum through a broadening of philosophical perspective among administrators, faculty, and staff; providing faculty and students international experiences can provide an impetus to adding a global perspective to curriculum of colleges of agriculture; expanding faculty views of philosophy of education can assist in adding a global perspective to college of agriculture curriculum; a global perspective can be practically applied in the three realms of the land-grant university mission: teaching, research and outreach.



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