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The purpose of this study was to: develop a descriptive profile of Northeast Iowa Technical Institute (NITI) students by collecting and summarizing data; and develop a prediction equation which would project future enrollments at NITI;A descriptive profile of NITI students from 1980 through 1984 indicated age, sex, race, income, and education characteristics. County and state census information relative to those characteristics was compared to NITI student information. High school graduates educational selection was determined and participation rates were developed for each high school in the NITI district;In the development of a prediction equation for NITI significant relationships were found to exist between the dependent variable career education full and part time enrollments at NITI and the following dependent variables: tuition, size of farms, motor vehicle registration, total personal income, number of establishments, number of employees, and unemployment rate. Relationships were not significant between the dependent variable and the number of farms, and taxable retail sales;Blocked and stepwise multiple regression was conducted. Blocked variables entered into the equation were tuition, unemployment, and total personal income. Tuition was the only significant variable in the blocked equation. Tuition and unemployment were significant in predicting career education full and part time enrollments at NITI in the stepwise equation;The equation was developed as a management tool to predict future enrollments. Enrollment predictions were compared with actual enrollments for 1982 and 1983 to determine prediction accuracy. Predictions were made for 1984 through 1988.



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