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Doctor of Philosophy


Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Studies

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Ann Vail

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Sally K. Williams


This study used a descriptive and correlational design to examine relationships among selected personal and professional characteristics, professional development experiences, facilitators, and opportunities of South Carolina secondary family and consumer sciences (FCS) secondary school teachers;Two models were developed to suggest various relationships among key variables based on Fullan's (1995) idea about the potential and limits of professional development. One model focused on experiences, the other on opportunities;A population of 496 middle, junior, senior, and occupational school FCS teachers in South Carolina's public schools yielded a sample of 217. A mailed questionnaire was used to collect data. A 71% (154) response rate was obtained. The data-producing sample consisted of 137 (63%) usable questionnaires;Results indicated that half of the FCS secondary school teachers had a Master's degree. More African American, FCS teachers than White, non-Hispanic FCS teachers have participated in professional development experiences relative to professional self-evaluation, group learning, and teacher school improvement. The more education FCS teachers have the more likely they are to have participated in professional self-evaluation;Full time teachers are less likely to have participated in experiences related to teacher school improvement, professional self-evaluation, and subject-matter content evaluation. Teacher leaders are more likely to have participated in professional development experiences related to teacher school improvement and research-based;In conclusion, White, non-Hispanic FCS teachers responded differently than African American FCS teachers in relation to teacher self-improvement, school culture, and community outreach;Implications for practice suggests FCS teachers should take charge of their learning and seek ways of justifying the importance of specific professional development related to their field of study. A modified Master of Education Degree Program with emphasis in FCS at South Carolina State University is one possible avenue for professional development.



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