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Doctor of Philosophy


Mechanical Engineering

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X. Daniel Fang


Designing suitable tools for the turning operation is of vital interest to manufacturers. The tool inserts used nowadays adopt complex geometric shapes. A question facing many manufacturers is how to effectively design complex shaped tool inserts and how to prove the validity of such design. One of the important criteria for selecting inserts is the ability to control chip formation and chip breaking;The research work described in this dissertation attempted to bring innovation into the cutting tool insert design process by using feature-based modeling and by proposing a predictive chip model and integrating it into the design process. Such model integration makes the tool insert design a much more effective process and also enhances the decision-making required in insert design;A new 3-D kinematic chip model was developed to depict chip behavior in a complex groove insert. The model derived showed the analytical relationships between chip shape parameters and chip motion parameters. This dissertation explained how the kinematic model could be modified to take into account all possible 3-D complex groove shapes. A mathematical model was also developed from experimental data to serve the current need for cutting tool design;Other research work presented in this dissertation is the simulation of the machining process in a virtual environment. The virtual machining simulation can be of great benefit for researchers in manufacturing to use the platform as a testbed for product development and testing.



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