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This study was conducted to examine the perceptions of the communication of vision by Iowa community college presidents. The perceptions of two groups with whom community college presidents interact on a regular basis, members of the boards of directors and leadership team members, are investigated and compared with the perceptions of the communication of vision the presidents have of themselves. The entire populations of these three groups, 242 individuals, were invited to participate in the study with a return rate of 73%;The approach taken in this study begins with an historical look at leadership and the significance of vision as a vital part of leadership. Major research methods associated with the leadership are reviewed as well as the distinguishing elements of leadership and leadership effectiveness. Strategies, behaviors, and practices employed by successful and effective leaders to share, translate, or otherwise communicate vision are reviewed. Answers are sought to several questions: How do Iowa's community college presidents perceive themselves as communication vision? To what degree do Iowa community college presidents perceive themselves as utilizing the strategies, behaviors, and practices used by successful and effective leaders? Are the perceptions of Iowa community college presidents' communication of vision the same as the perceptions of members of their boards of directors and leadership team members?;A survey in the form of a questionnaire was developed and distributed to the entire population of presidents, board members, and leadership team members. The findings of the study reveal that board members perceive the presidents's communication of vision in much the same way as do the presidents themselves. There is a difference, however, in the perceptions of the communication of vision between presidents and leadership team members;Conclusions are drawn from the data analysis. Among them is the possibility that Iowa community college presidents may not be utilizing the same strategies to the same degree to communicate vision with leadership team members as with members of the boards of directors. Another conclusion is that presidents may not have selected leadership team members with the training and/or experience to comprehend their vision communicating strategies, behaviors, and practices.



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