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This document is a presentation of information gained from the collaboration between an American Indian student and a non-Indian educator at a Midwestern community college. Each chapter is introduced by a story or experience that shares an insight or point of discussion during the collaboration that later became the theme of a chapter;Chapter 1 provides an overview of American Indian participation in higher education, both in Euro-American and tribal institutions. Chapter 2 presents the history of American Indian education in the United States as a story told by a fictitious American Indian storyteller. Chapter 3 presents a comparison and contrast of Indian and non-Indian culture, world view and values, hereafter referred to as traditional knowledge and modern knowledge, respectively. In addition, a discussion of a holistic approach to education is offered. Chapter 4 explores how stereotypes, held by both Indians and non-Indians, continue to perpetuate ignorance and inequality. Chapter 5 presents the theoretical and methodological framework for this research project, paying particular attention to the non-Indian researcher's responsibilities. Chapter 6 offers a comparison and contrast of attitudes and beliefs regarding knowledge and the role of education for Indian and non-Indian people. Finally, a discussion of the implication of these contrasting perspectives of education and some recommendations about how the contrasts might inform educational change for future generations.



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