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The present study of the development and structure of the vegetative and reproductive organs of kudzu was undertaken to furnish a basis for studies in the breeding, cultivation and utilisation of the plant;Kudzu is a coarse, hairy, stoloniferous vine with alternate, trifoliate compound leaves and racemose, papilionaceous flowers. Twenty to thirty days are required for the completion of anthesis in one raceme;The order of initiation of floral organs is sepals, petals, stamens, and carpel;The haploid number of chromosomes is eleven. The ovules arise as dome-shaped primordia along the inner margins of the ventral suture. The nine to thirteen campylotropous ovules develop simultaneously, arranged alternately in two rows;The sporogenous cell generally functions directly as the megasporocyte which undergoes meiotic divisions and produces a linear tetrad of megaspores. Three of the megaspores disintegrate, and the surviving chalazal megaspore gives rise to the female gametophyte;The female gametophyte consists of two polars, an egg, and two synergide. The antipodals disappear before fertilization. The nucellus soon becomes absorbed at the micropylar end and along the sides;The proembryo has a short, massive suspensor of several tiers of cells. The mature embryo consists of two cotyledons, a simple leaf, a compound leaf and a large radicle;The endosperm remaining when the seed is mature constitutes an unbroken covering of two to several cell layers in thickness around the embryo;The seed coat is almost entirely the product of the outer integument. The malpighian layer has no well-defined cuticularized layer, and no domes or light line. The osteosclereide layer consists of one row of I-shaped cells. The layer is continuous except in the region of the hilum. The nutritive layer contains chloroplasts;An arillate rim surrounds the hilum. The strophiole is a small, elongated depression in the region of the hilum opposite the micropyle.



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