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Master of Arts


Mechanical Engineering

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Kenneth M. Bryden


This thesis develops an interactive engineering design tool for the placement of baffles in air systems. This design tool integrates together the needed design analysis tools into a single interactive environment. This design tool has three primary components: (1) a CFD model of air flow through the system, (2) a virtual environment, and (3) a baffle placement and remeshing scheme. The CFD model used in conjunction with the design tool should be fast, accurate, and answer the current questions associated with the air system. The virtual environment includes an intuitive user interface and a graphical representation of the model. The design tool should also incorporate an easy baffle placement and remeshing scheme to easily allow the creation new CFD models for analysis. This allows users to design baffle configurations in a virtual environment and complete analysis through the integration of analysis tools through this single design tool. In the work presented in this thesis the design tool is demonstrated on two examples: an engine platform and a cleaning shoe in a combine. Current methods for design and decision-making processes for baffle placement within these types of air systems are inefficient and time consuming. Often CFD models of air systems are large and complex and require several days to complete an analysis. Under the current process, analysts are required to create new full-scale CFD models for each design iteration. Designers then have to wait for the results to come back before determining if another modification to the air system design is necessary. This can be extremely time consuming if a suitable solution is not immediately found. Introduction of the design tool developed in this thesis into the design and decision-making process simplifies and improves the overall process and the roles of those involved.



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